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Identifying Lower Back Pain & Symptoms

Many people face lower back pain, which is a relatively common problem worldwide. Our professionals have assessed that low back pain impacts about 80 percent of adults. This fact has proven to be true irrespective of your posture. Bad posture does not help in any way. If your gluteal muscles are weak, it can drastically affect a low sore back and cause poor balance and gait. So, if you are having discomforts and severe back pain issues, it can be a major obstruct in all aspects of your life.

Your spine helps you move, stretch, and twist because of the unique way it is constructed. It is made of bones termed as vertebrae that bind with the whole central nervous system and protect your spinal cord. In the middle of the vertebrae are spongy cushions known as discs. These are solid exterior shells loaded with a fluid substance that acts as shock absorbers. It is your vertebrae discs that ultimately protect your spinal cord when you jump, walk or otherwise move around in a proper gait.

Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain

Acute Low Back Pain: Acute lower back pain usually appears suddenly and happens during a specific moving activity. The acute lower back injury occurs in a general situation due to excessive exercise, motor vehicle accidents, lifting heavy objects, or any particular trauma involving the lower back.

Chronic Low Back Pain: Chronic low back pain is characterized as a kind of pain that has extended over three to six months of total duration. Typically, the symptoms are slower and arise over a prolonged period. With chronic low back pain, a person might suffer gradual pain in their back and down either leg.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Specialists, Nyc.

At Grand Central Wellness, we take a thorough and personalized methodology to treat lower back pain. Our lower back pain specialists in NYC combine the most innovative, scientifically verified low back treatment techniques along with our years of experience and skills to get exceptional results that will reduce pain symptoms and restore healthful functional movement and posture.

Chronic Lower back pain usually arises from inadequate, poor, or inappropriate treatment and coping tactics, mental stress, and inaccurate diagnosis that focus on the symptoms and not the underlying source.

Grand Central Wellness offers treatment options for lower back pain include:

  • Acupuncture /Electroacupuncture
  • Massage
  • Cupping
  • Chinese herbs formula and plaster

By keeping your physical activities healthy, you can likely prevent lower back pain symptoms. Walking is especially beneficial, as the gait cycle engages all the joints and muscles in the body uniformly. A regular walking or brisk walk routine can help in many ways to maintain a healthy spine while enhancing your cardiovascular health and fitness and also helps to control your weight.

Our programs of treating lower back pain in NYC have helped people in numerous ways in maintaining their posture by using innovative treatment plans mainly with Traditional Chinese Medicine. We also provide our patients with multiple ways to stay active and present health-beneficial ideas that will ultimately help maintain a proper posture and eliminate lower back pain symptoms.