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Chinese Massage & Its Health Benefits

Massage has been one of the main factors of Chinese medicine for many long years, with an apparent record of stretching back as far as the 2nd century. These Chinese massages are nothing like deep tissue or sports massages. Instead, they solely focus on circulating strong muscular knots by regulating blood flow to the target areas of the body. Chinese Massage’s unique methods also concentrate on improving overall health by improving energy flow, or “qi,” all around the body. Chinese massages have been a central part of holistic medicine treatment approaches for a long time. And among them is one of the oldest versions: Tui na, which is often called “Chinese massage” informally known in Western culture.

Chinese massage is also a preference therapy that is widely used worldwide. At the Grand Central Wellness, we use the best Chinese massage techniques which will undoubtedly benefit you in the following ways:


It can improve energy. Whether you require to speed up (“yang” energy) or slow down (“yin” energy), an expert Chinese massage therapist will be able to decide which energetic or soothing massage techniques are required to help you find and retain your inner peace. Chinese massage can also assist you in increasing your sleep and setting your aims and motivations high to face a new day with new empowering enthusiasm.


Speed up healing of soft tissue injuries. If you’re feeling stiffness or pain related to your lower back pain, sciatica, or frozen shoulder, gently massaging soft tissues can increase the blood flow, resulting in instant relief reduces stiffness.


It helps you boost your blood circulation. The primary meridians in the human body can also run along with the cardiovascular system, meaning that your qi has physical ties to maintain healthy circulation. Hand methods that include good pressure and a rolling fist can help substantially stimulate and re-energize blood flow.


Helps in breaking down the scar tissues. This is mainly for people with stiff joints and obstructed or reduced mobility due to past injuries. Our licensed practitioners can provide you with the best Chinese massage therapy that will help increase the variety of movements and ease soreness.


Support emotional health. Emphasised by the idea of providing balance, the healing touch massage may be a beneficial and refreshing therapy for all those who are feeling low or exhausted. A deep body massage can help the muscles release and reduce stress and provide a peaceful sleep on a physical level. At the same time, energetic blockages can include emotional stress in the body, promoting anxiety and depression levels. We assure you that our soothing and relaxing traditional Chinese massage lets you overcome all your worries and allow you to enter a state of calm and tranquillity.

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We are proud that we are part of the community specialized in providing one of the best traditional Chinese treatments, including all kinds of massage for families, including children, husbands and wives, couples, and singles irrespective of age, gender, or infirmity. So whether you wish to have a relaxing and stress-free Friday night with a friend or spouse or require relaxation from a hectic week, a trip to our pain management and ailments and relaxing body center is a great distraction.

Our staff puts their utmost priority on maintaining a spotless, hygienic facility with disinfected equipment. This is the central aspect of our culture. Therefore, all our towels, tools, and practitioners are constantly assured to keep a clean, healthy environment.

Reach out to us by simply searching for Chinese massage near me in New York; we pride ourselves in saying we rank among the top-rated pain management and massage center in the city!