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What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine & Its Purpose.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a classification of types of medicine that are partly based on the idea that a specific kind of energy, called ‘qi,’ streams along pathways in the human body called meridians. In this idea, the flow pathway of qi along these meridians can obstruct or become unbalanced if any illness occurs. Ancient Chinese medicine has been applied for thousands of years in China and many other countries and is becoming highly famous in many Western countries.

Reasons of qi imbalance are considered to include:

  • External forces, such as cold, wind, or heat.
  • Internal details, such as emotions of fear, joy, or anger.
  • Lifestyle aspects include less sleep, poor diet, or excessive alcohol consumption.

Another important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine is the theory of yin and yang. In this method, all things that include the body comprise countering forces called yin and yang. Our health is dependent on the stability of these special forces. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine aims to maintain the yin-yang equal balance between keeping the mind and body healthy and preventing illnesses.

At the Grand Central Wellness, our traditional Chinese medicine licensed practitioners deeply observe the balance of mind, body, and spirit to decide how to restore the yin-yang balance, the body’s eternal qi, and good health.

Feel free to search for an authentic center that provides the best traditional Chinese medicine near me in New York. We assure you that we rank among the best Chinese medicine center all over the city.

Traditional Chinese Medicine New York – Providing Holistic Health Approaches Catered For A Modern Lifestyle.

Traditional Chinese medicine in New York has been evolving for thousands of years. Our certified TCM practitioners utilize various mind and body relaxing practices (such as tai chi and acupuncture) and Chinese herbal products to deal with common health problems. At Grand Central Wellness, practitioners use TCM to treat internal conditions of the body such as all kinds of chronic pain, menstrual cramp, menopause issues or infertility, acne, rashes (shingle, hives, eczema psoriasis), stress, insomnia, depression, fatigue, cold feet and hand, frozen shoulder, IBS, and so much more.

 We are a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic that exclusively includes Eastern modalities such as Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture, body massage, and many other traditional Chinese therapies. All these combined methods inevitably create a suitable combination of Holistic health and wellness care tailored to meet each patient’s requirements.

Benefits Of Using Our Finest New York Traditional Chinese Medicines.

Like many other techniques of using consolidative medicines, Chinese medicines can help the body’s immune system in numerous ways and benefit health. Our premium quality New York Chinese medicines are formulated to improve the resistance to any ailment. In addition, they can drastically decrease the inflammatory response, which causes pain and illness to aggravate the body.

In general, this Chinese herbal medicine can be used to:

  • Increase energy
  • Improve respiratory health
  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Enhance digestion
  • Improve sleep
  • Normalize the menstrual cycle
  • Correct body imbalance
  • Treat common skin issues like acne or eczema

Research and studies have concluded that traditional Chinese medicines are beneficial for patients who have been facing digestive problems or gastritis issues because of high medicines intake for different ailments. Therefore, to attain a more balanced state of the body and find quick and highly effective relief, feel free to contact us and book your appointment with our expert team members at Grand Central Wellness.