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At Grand Central Wellness, Now You Can Get The Lymphatic Drainage Massage In Nyc

Lymphatic drainage massage, also termed manual lymphatic drainage, helps relieve the swelling that usually occurs when an individual goes from a medical treatment or any illness, causing a blockage in the lymphatic drainage system and resulting in fluid retention. Our practitioners provide exceptional treatment related to lymphatic drainage massage in NYC that includes massaging the particular areas of the body to help the lymph move to the exact area with lymph vessels.

A lymphatic drainage massage is a mild form of body relaxing massage used to relieve tender swellings in your legs and arms caused by lymphedema. This typically affects women who are recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Lymphedema occurs when your tissues start to retain fluid which is left behind after your cardiovascular system transfers blood to your organs and tissues. Typically, your lymphatic drainage system’s primary function is to collect your lymph and return it to your heart through a meshwork of many lymph nodes and lymph vessels. When a sudden disruption happens in the lymphatic system’s process, lymph starts to collect in your legs and arms, thus making them bloat.

At Grand Central Wellness, our licensed massage therapist uses lymphatic drainage massage methods to move the obstructed lymph from the tissues to the lymph nodes. This ultimately reduces the swelling in the tissues and completely drains the fluid retention.

Lymphatic drainage massage is not suggested to people with certain health conditions, which are:

  • history of blood clots or stroke
  • liver problems
  • congestive heart failure
  • current infection
  • kidney problem

Our therapists perform lymphatic drainage massage in a two-stage process. The first is the clearing stage, in which the massage helps to release the retained lymphatic fluid in your tissues. And the second is reabsorption which eases the movement of the lymphatic fluid back in the lymph nodes.

Benefits Of Lymphatic Massage – Why It Is An Important Procedure.

Because the heart constantly pumps blood through the blood vessels, the lymphatic drainage system ultimately depends on the movement of the smooth muscles to carry fluid through the lymph vessels.

Certain health conditions can massively disrupt the natural flow of lymph, which causes lymph fluid to accumulate in specific regions of the body. People usually show apparent signs of lymphedema after suffering from infections or post-cancer treatments that generally involve the complete removal of lymph nodes and any severe condition that can damage the lymphatic system. Our professional lymphatic massage session in NYC can drastically reduce swelling from the body and increase circulation throughout the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic massage has become one of the essential aspects of the whole treatment procedure, called decongestive lymphatic therapy (DLT). DLT for lymphedema includes:

  • lymphatic drainage massage
  • compression garments
  • skincare
  • exercise

Our licensed practitioners have developed unique, modern, and traditional techniques for performing lymphatic messages because our top priority is our patient’s overall health and wellness. We also strive to build awareness and educate individuals on maintaining their immunity and help them understand the importance of our body’s lymphatic system.

Our objective is to offer reliable methods to improve your health from the inside out. Our successful massage techniques have resulted from many private practice sessions working with people like you. We are here to help and guide you in getting rid of all the swelling you face after an illness or post-operative surgery and aim to build a new and innovative foundation.