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Migraine Treatment In Nyc – Best Tcm Practitioners In Midtown Manhattan

 A typical migraine headache can differ in intensity and is often associated with nausea and sensitivity to sound and light. Migraine headaches can be devastating to endure and can likely cause other related symptoms in addition to episodic headache pain. A severe migraine attack can typically last for a few hours or even days, and this excruciating pain can drastically affect an individual’s routine work. Therefore, certified practitioners at Grand Central Wellness carefully evaluate all the related symptoms and aggravating factors of migraine headaches.

 Our skilled therapists of migraine treatment in NYC use advanced and traditional Chinese techniques and come up with the best migraine treatment plan to reduce the symptoms and prevent the possibilities of future attacks. Our trusted and licensed practitioners in NYC are our leading care providers who use ancient Chinese medicine treatment techniques for healing all kinds of pain physically and mentally.

Our TCM practitioners have received extensive training in treating and managing all kinds of headaches. We are a group of pain managing therapists who guarantee to take all your migraine-related symptoms into proper consideration. Some of the symptoms of migraine headache comprise:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Nausea
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Yawning, you can’t control
  • Seeing auras
  • Nausea
  • Unexplainable mood changes
  • Triggering by flashing lights
  • Pain that exacerbates when you cough or move

Treatments like migraine headache triggers usually require a very customized procedure at our pain treating programs and depend on the rigorousness of the migraine headache. These treatments include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Tuina
  • Guasha
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chinese Herb Medicine

Advantages Of Migraine Acupuncture – Why It Is Considered As The Best Non-drug Treatment

To be relieved entirely from episodes of migraine headaches, there has been an increased tendency among people to visit licensed acupuncturists frequently. Up to 50% of individuals who often visit an acupuncturist have stated their migraine symptoms have reduced dramatically, along with a significant decrease in analgesic use after receiving acupuncture treatments. Research and studies concluded that acupuncture treatment can likely decrease migraine headaches’ frequency and can even prevent this episodic pain from occurring. People who opt for acupuncture treatment and other related therapies have the highest chance of success.

Following are the advantages of acupuncture treatment for migraine and headaches:

Prevention from episodic headaches: Modern scientific research and studies have proved that acupuncture treatment plays a massive role in preventing migraine headaches or even reducing their occurrences. It can be more effective than many popular headache remedies, including prescription migraine medications.

Cost-Effective: Many migraine treatments are expensive, and an individual’s insurance coverage might not completely cover the costs. Acupuncture therapy can help lessen the cost of treating chronic migraine headaches, and some insurance policies might also cover it.

Lesser side effects: People likely experience unpleasant side effects with migraine treating drugs or acquire medical conditions that make these medicines unsafe. Acupuncture treatment may be a viable alternative to these treatment plans with lesser side effects.

At Grand Central Wellness, our licensed acupuncturists are trained to perform the procedure with an approach of completely resetting the body’s energy, increasing circulation and blood flow, decreasing pain, and reducing muscle tension. All these methods help eliminate migraine headaches with lesser side effects. In addition, Chinese herbal medicine can also help in treating headaches. Acupuncture and herbal medicines are frequently used in combination to treat the underlying conditions that cause migraines and headaches and improve overall health.

We intend to benefit our patients with our remarkable treatment procedures providing self-empowerment and a healthy life routine.