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Acupuncture Neck Pain Management & Treatment Specialists At Nyc

 It is commonly observed that neck pain gets relieved after a short period of rest and light neck massage treatment. But suppose your neck pain is gradually increasing each day and has been revealed to be in a chronic state. In that case, it should not be taken on a lighter note and must be examined by a pain management therapists who will thoroughly determine the root cause of your discomfort, explain to you the whole treatment procedure of neck pain, and meet your requirements.

 Although neck pain can be mainly due to a pull or strain, it can also root from the spinal cord region. Neck pain drastically affects the spine’s cervical area, which can occur primarily due to a severe past injury, a spine condition, strained nerve, serious back condition, and many other aggravating factors. The cervical area of the spine is the main region that provides full mobility to the neck and is made up of many connecting joints, muscles, discs, and ligaments. As a result, episodic migraine headaches are commonly observed in patients who have suffered severe neck injuries or severe neck conditions.

Our TCM practitioners for neck pain treatment in NYC can deal with various neck conditions and neck injuries, providing advanced and traditional non-surgical methods of highly effective and safe treatments and faster healing techniques.

At Grand Central Wellness in NYC, our team of neck pain practitioners provides various neck pain relief treatments and many cervical pain therapies by using a traditional Chinese non-surgical method. The most effective treatments for neck pain symptoms include:

Medical Massage Therapy – Performed exclusively by a certified massage therapist .

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs – A licensed acupuncturist performs this for relieving neck pain.

Grand Central Wellness Provides Traditional Acupuncture Neck Pain Healing Treatments In Nyc

We strongly believe that your posture can tell a great story about your total body health. Therefore, we aim to use Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and various approaches to resolve the root cause of your neck pain. Our acupuncture neck pain treatment is for everyone suffering from severe neck pain conditions and neck injuries. This procedure starts with stimulating different pressure points on the body by inserting fine thin needles in the pain area. This helps to improve blood flow, increase circulation, alleviate pressure from strained nerves, and relax the muscle tension.

In addition to acupuncture treatment for neck pain, we suggest a proper and instructed use of Chinese herbs to benefit your healing. These might include supplements that decrease inflammation, boost muscle relaxation, and relieve stress from the neck.