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Tcm Anxiety Clinic In Nyc

We focus on offering comprehensive outpatient intensive care for children, adolescents, and adults whose lives are compromised by anxiety disorders and related problems. Anxiety can be aggravated to more serious and complicated problems when not treated or inappropriate treatment. The anti-anxiety drugs and psychotherapy stand for the conventional treatment but not all of anxious people are responded well to those. Some may experience replase with limited efficacy.

Grand Central Wellness is a comprehensive TCM anxiety clinic in NYC committed to providing evidence-based acupuncture therapies for anxiety disorders with particular importance on stress and fear symptoms in patients. Our board certified acupuncturists work thoroughly to offer anxiety-related treatments backed by research and customize and tailor the treatment plans best to meet each individual’s and family’s requirements. As a result, the treatment frequency can differ from 2-3 times weekly to daily, varying on clinical needs.

The advantages of Chinese Medicine Treatment are that it comprises acupuncture, herbs, dietary therapy, and tai chi, which are all natural ways to avoid the convential drugs’ adverse effect. However, we still recommend you talk to your primary doctor or psychiatrist before you decide to add acupuncture on this matter. Chinese medicine treats anxiety conditions by reconnecting with the spirit with the deepest feelings and senses of ourselves and simultaneously guiding the qi to flow more smoothly, relieving senses of being stuck emotionally or spiritually. Our traditional Chinese medicine practitioners handpick the right Chinese herbs according to each patient’s individual anxiety situation and treat them likewise.

Our Anxiety Disorder Clinic, Nyc, Is A Treatment Center For All Age Group Patients

Adults or adolescent with anxiety disorders persistently shows excessive worries that are not entirely focused on a particular object or a condition. For example, they might be in a state of being extra conscious or worried about small things like school or work performance, their safety and the safety of friends or family members, or an extreme fear of natural disasters.

A person suffering from generalized anxiety disorder faces a hard time avoiding petty issues or worries, which eventually leads to difficulties focusing, processing information, and participating in social activities. As a result, they feel anxious about the minor situation and often seek reassurance. They start to show symptoms of being excessively self-conscious and self-doubting and tend to get exceedingly worried about meeting other people’s expectations. The statistics reveal that this situation affects more than 6.8 million American adults and approximately double as many women as men.

 Our TCM anxiety disorder clinic in NYC is equipped with Traditional Chinese Medicine therapists who utilize Chinese medicine techniques and approaches to manage anxiety disorders. These sessions involve building a relationship based solely on trust and friendship. Therefore, it is vitally important to have open communication between you and your therapist have a warm, friendly discussion on how these unusual circumstances impact your daily life. Learn new healthy ways and approaches to help you change your behavior, which will improve your overall mental health.