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Our Frozen Shoulder Tcm Clinic Offers Exceptional Treatment Options In Nyc.

Your shoulders are considered the most flexible joints in your whole body. They do not bear any weight, but they consist of a wide variety of movements and different motions than any other joint. Unfortunately, the drawback of these free motions is that your shoulders are more prone to get damaged when compared to other joints in your body. A Frozen shoulder is usually due to a severe inflammation of the joint capsule. The treatment options for frozen shoulder vary in a wide range. We provide non-surgical authentic treatment at our pain management center in New York City, where our practitionersyour joint and permit you to get back to your active lifestyle with no movement restrictions.

Because our shoulder is a type of joint consisting of the most range of motions, it is highly susceptible to becoming unstable. Your shoulder capsule contains the three prominent bones that make up the shoulder — the scapula, humerus, and clavicle. In addition, the capsule contains synovial fluid that lubricates the ball-and-socket joint of your shoulder. When this fluid becomes less in quantity in the joint, it loses adhesions form, which causes the shoulder to become inflexible.

Many people quickly search for the best surgery options when they experience a debilitating and painful condition like a frozen shoulder. Unfortunately, the aggressive nature of the surgery makes it highly dangerous with no assurance of restored shoulder function.

At the Grand Central Wellness, we use the traditional Chinese therapies for treating frozen shoulder syndrome. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine includes various tactical and conventional treatment options that have been helping people in healing all sorts of body pain. And because of this, our frozen shoulder clinic in NYC has been vastly known for its professional ways of treating and resolving frozen shoulder syndrome by using Oriental Medicine.

Our tailored one-on-one treatment sessions solely focus on the exceptional needs of each patient. We never opt for one-size-fits-all methods to patient care. Instead, we listen carefully to our patients and design personalized treatment procedures based on your comprehensive diagnosis.

Our Acupuncturists Provide Holistic Acupuncture Treatment For Frozen Shoulder

At Grand Central Wellness, we aim to help our patients live healthier and content lives through intense care. However, one should never overlook that it is much easier to treat frozen shoulder syndrome during its early stages. So make sure to get an appointment if you have been feeling any specific chronic, persistent pain or experiencing obstructed shoulder movements. Our acupuncturists are all licensed practitioners who use certified traditional Chinese techniques.

Acupuncture for frozen shoulder involves tiny thin needles inserted into the specific muscles that make up the shoulder. These needles circulate trigger points under various layers of muscle. Several unique energy pathways or meridians encompass the shoulder in acupuncture treatment. Therefore, this treatment is completely individualized according to the patient’s needs. This procedure includes various courses and distal acupuncture pressure points in the lower body.

This needling procedure can also be mixed with various motion exercises, Cupping, Gua Sha, herbal medicines and massage therapy. These all are exclusive and unique to acupuncture treatment.