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Grand Central Wellness Offers Tcm Treatment For Menopause In Nyc

 Menopause is a natural phenomenon that indicates the end of a female’s reproductive cycle. All women will undergo menopause as they age, and it usually occurs after age forty, with a typical age of fifty-one. But if a woman goes through menopause in their early forty years, it is known as premature menopause.

Premature menopause is usually the result of a surgical procedure, such as hysterectomy or complete surgical removal of the ovaries from the female reproductive organ, or any medical treatment, such as chemotherapy. Naturally occurring menopause starts with perimenopause when the ovaries make less estrogen and periods become increasingly unpredictable.

Menopause is described as not having a menstruation period for almost one year. You may start to have menopause symptoms (termed as perimenopause) way before, which might seriously affect your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Every woman is unique, and so her body functions differently and uniquely. Likewise, she will also experience menopause in different aspects. Some women might show no symptoms, while others face abnormal bleeding, sexual dysfunction, or debilitating hot flashes. Many research studies have put forward different approaches to developing a treatment plan to meet each women’s needs. We will make sure to help you through the whole process.

  • Help you plan so that you can manage your symptoms
  • Provide you with the essential knowledge about the regular physiologic changes you will face during the menopausal phase.
  • Offer recommendations on screening for any associated disease and help in reducing risk.

Symptoms Experienced During Menopause

Each woman goes through a different journey through menopause. Some face mild or few symptoms, while others go through an intense hot flash that might make it difficult with everyday routine. The typical symptoms of menopause include:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Hard time concentrating
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Mood swings
  • Low sex drive
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty with memory
  • Fatigue

Acupuncture Treatment For Menopause

From a Western medical viewpoint, reduced hormone levels in a female body lead to the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweating, low libido, depression and fatigue, and urogenital changes, but Chinese medicine treatment has an entirely different standpoint. By carefully finding the organs and systems that are immensely distressed, acupuncture treatment can help decrease the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause and help to make this transition calmer and easier.

Acupuncture for menopause helps in relieving the most common symptoms mainly by regulating the severe alterations that occur in hormone levels that women experience during menopause events. This leads to a considerable decrease in hot flashes and drastic improvement in pure energy levels, increased blood flow, improved appetite, and a sense of wellbeing without going through the severe side effects of a typical hormone replacement therapy.

At Grand Central Wellness, licensed acupuncturists have experience treating women’s health for menopause in NYC, as well as fertility issues and wellbeing. More than half of patients are treated for female-specific disorders worldwide. We intend to bring forward a more accessible and straightforward procedure to treat common conditions like menopause.