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We use comprehensive treatment methods to relieve your pain.

About Us

Ancient Chinese medicine believes that the external health of the human body comes from the internal balance of yin and yang and the harmony of the five elements. Here, licensed health providers will comprehensively use nature herbs, acupuncture, Chinese massage, cupping and hot stone therapy to help you relieve pain and achieve physical and mental health.

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    Best Acupuncture Near Me

    For ages, acupuncture has been making rounds to seek a treatment that brings sheer pleasure and relaxation. The roots go back to Chinese heritage reviving the intact sense of heritage and traditions every time we hear it. You trust the process and the method, but one question that keeps you from getting the relaxation you deserve is; the best acupuncture near me? Reaching the best acupuncture may seem like an easy task, but only you know the effort you have to put in to find one. Acupuncture at Grand Central Wellness is a needle-based therapy that helps you heal and revitalize your soul, helping you with various concerns such as reducing pain, calming nerves, balancing hormones and stress, relieving emotional distress, and more. At Grand Central Wellness, we have only licensed acupuncture practitioners and healthcare providers who are trustworthy in this regard with the best of cultural sense and hospitality so that you can relax to the core. As it’s the relationship of trust, it is natural to feel a little scared of getting disappointed by not choosing wisely, and going to acupuncture may not turn out as well as you anticipated. But Grand Central Wellness, the licensed and trusted acupuncture practitioner is near to help. 

    Acupressure NYC:

    Acupressure in NYC has been a talk of the town for quite a long now. New Yorkers seem to relinquish themselves in the mantra of a deep breath, rest, and reset, and no doubt it is needed to survive in a city like New York! After a tiring battle in everyday life, our best treatments of acupressure in NYC give a sense of relief to the New Yorkers. In the beginning, it may look absurd, but once you experience it, there is no going back. The acupressure process at Grand Central Wellness treats the blocked energy, also known as qi, by applying pressure manually to specific body zones. It is different from acupuncture as it uses fingers instead of needles, which generates a strong sense of muscle relief by producing endorphins which are natural pain-relieving chemicals. A conventional 9 to 5 lifestyle with a general two hours of traveling and the constant loop makes you feel stuck and stressed. It’s natural to live a sterile lifestyle as human existence never came into being. Our evolution has been entirely based upon the ideology of manual work. This constant sitting and never-ending stress are running our lives like slow poison, and that’s why our acupressure treatment in NYC has become a single go-to word. 

    Grand Central Wellness

    From touching in the innate ability of the body to heal itself through needles to pressurizing the right spots to give you the sense of weightlessness, our Grand Central Wellness program has been there to provide you with the best of natural solutions to all your concerns. Highly educated, well-trained, adequately experienced, and qualified therapists are here to offer careful attention to cure you and take you on the journey of complete wellness. For grand central wellness, we focus on methods that bring long-lasting results and no side effects—heading the services such as nutrition, Tuina (Chinese massage) , detox, anti-aging, and energy medicines that help you heal you entirely from the inside and make you shine from the outside. Life is hard, but the choices you make today can make you go through it all, and self-care is undoubtedly the best gift we can give to our souls to cure us to the core, so before overthinking, go ahead and book an appointment today and discover self-love and care. 

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    Heping Duan

    New York state licensed acupuncturist. Over 40 years TCM clinical working experience. She is good at acupuncture and natural herbs for the treatment of various acute and chronic pain; digestive system diseases; tension, insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, various gynecological diseases, secondary infertility, eczema, dermatitis, cough, Asthma, etc. Fluent in Mandarin and English.

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    Meng Xiang Wei

    New York State Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist. Dr. Wei comes from a traditional Chinese medicine family. More than 50 years of medical experience, rich experience in diagnosis and acupunture treatment. Proficient in pharmacology. Good at treating Covid-19 sequelae, facial paralysis, insomnia, internal medicine conditioning, etc. Proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

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    Fengzhang Qiao

    New York State Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist. Dr. Qiao has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years. He graduated from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a bachelor's degree, and with a master's degree from Beijing Univer -sity of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He studied under Professor Wang Mianzhi of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Qiao is humble and proficient in pharmacology. He is good at gynecology and andrology.

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    Dr. HyunJu Yoo

    HyunJu started working as physical therapist with associate degree of physical therapy from An-san University in South Korea in 2007 and received Bachelor of physical therapy in 2011, graduated from Sahmyook University in 2014 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. She worked in Samsung Electronics Company and Samsung Hospital as physical therapist. She obtained NYPT license in 2015 then, attended Dominical College and received Doctorate of physical therapy in 2017.

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